Team meetings with the end user:

  • TLS team members are dedicated specialists with extensive relevant experience.
  • Our knowledge and experience are freely available to all our customers.
  • Team meetings with customers lead to optimisation.
  • Production and control hand in hand to provide real solutions.

Analysis: A service provided by TLS with no strings attached

  • Audit, in consultation with your production, maintenance and logistics departments.
  • A proposal based on your expectations and budget.
  • Observation of your logistics processes.
  • Data analysis from pallet type to ERP.

Solutions are worked out in partnership with customers

  • TLS sets out a clear plan of action.
  • TLS summarises the results of observation and analysis.
  • TLS uses its expertise and the audit data to make improvement proposals
  • Recommendations made by TLS are based on the customer's expectations and available budget.

Questions about our services or products?

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