Service is an important component of our business operations. Because we have all the required disciplines under one roof, mechanical and software problems can be solved quickly and effectively. Our service department is always available to resolve unexpected failures. With our optional remote access system, we can permanently monitor machines installed on site, make any necessary adjustments and take action to rectify problems. If a problem cannot be solved on line, one of our service technicians can quickly be on site to assess the situation and repair any electronic or mechanical problems.

The service provided by TLS is unique because:

  • We have all the required expertise in house.
  • There is always a service point nearby.
  • TLS has a service network with global coverage.
  • The entire history of customers' machines can be immediately retrieved.
  • We offer 24/7 service with remote or on-site assistance.

If you need one of our service technicians, just send us an email or call +31 (0)416 651 940

Questions about our services or products?

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